About Us

Stinger Saloon was envisioned by four very long time friends.  After years of enjoying the Black Hills Rally, they decided Sturgis needed something different.  They were plenty of party bars, but none that you could relax and enjoy conversion with friends, some of which you may only see once a year at the event; and of course some you may meet at our establishment. .  We also wanted an environment where you could converse with your friends, some you may not have met yet.  Sturgis is a special environment, full of energy generated by people from all over our great country and the world.  Believing that the rally is an event that represents individual freedom that should be enjoyed and celebrated.  At Stinger Saloon you will always find the owners; Scrapper, Stinger, Jawbone and Bent working hard to make sure you visit is memorable.  We don’t think there is any other bar in Sturgis where the owners are present and enjoying the event with their patrons.  With the help of some very admired and respected friends we have done the buildout on the bar ourselves.  We are especially proud of our craftsmanship of the steel frame bar with the cutouts for each branch of our great nation’s military.

Why is it called the Stinger Saloon and why is Bastard Bar included in the logo? We first started as a beer garden behind the Nightrider Building. It was named the Bastard Bar. Although we had purchased the building of the current location and had previously been a bar, we would not open it in the condition it was in. It was dingy, dirty and not worthy of presenting it to our clientele. Bent drew up the plans and along with Scrapper, Stinger and Jawbone demolition and restoration of the over 130 year old building began. We were able to open in 2016, but improvements are constantly being made and patrons see and compliment on them from year to year. As far as the name, there was some opposition to calling it the Bastard Bar. We were fine with changing the name to the Stinger Saloon. Stinger refers to the electrode holder in stick welding. We call one of our partners Stinger due to the fact that he is a master welder and since most of our fabrication is heavy gauge steel, we felt that would be a good name for the bar.